2022 janv. 9

Musique et emmerdements

Geiger Je ne suis pas bien portant Je ne suis pas bien portant Barclay
Vain Aims Fuck You Bored Teenagers Vol.10: 24 Great British Punk Originals '77-'82 Bin Liner Records
Louis Lingg and the Bombs Fuck You Lullabies For Mutant Monkeys Auto-Prod
Varukers Fuck You Murder Asylum Records
DOA Fuck you Bloodied But Unbowed (The Damage To Date: 1978-83) CD Presents, Ltd.
Blitz Fuck You 1st Demo No Future Records
Babylon Fighters Fuck you Position Crash Bondage Records
Zone Infinie Les Accidents Atomisés General Strike/Echo Canyon
Les Sheriffs Requiem 5 etoiles Grand bombardement tardif kicking records
Defects In a Rut OLIO Casualty Records
Nightwatchers For the sake of the people and the nation Common Crusades Lövely
Ramonas Injustyce System Haphazard Auto-Prod
Dead Ritons Gangsters Les voyageurs punkifient l'Hexagone - 20 ans déjà ! Le Keupon voyageur
Koroll Spécule à tort Les voyageurs punkifient l'Hexagone - 20 ans déjà ! Le Keupon voyageur
U-SISTER Halloween Les voyageurs punkifient l'Hexagone - 20 ans déjà ! Le Keupon voyageur
Inner Terrestrials Servile Masses Heart of the Free MALOKA/Mass Productions/Blind Destruction Records/Fire And Flames Music/PDV
TV Priest Leg Room Uppers Sub Pop
Skids Complete Control Songs From a Haunted Ballroom Cleopatra
Burning flag Ghost Skin Matador Auto-Prod
Black Mountain bastards Couch zombies army Walnut Groove Trauma Social
Die Toten Hosen The Modern World The Learner's Workbook : Grammar & Drill Totenkopf
Bye Bye Theresa On t'emmerde Second Souffle Auto-Prod
Traître Je m'emmerde Dors Bien Lada
Dead Spike Jeunesse brisée S'attendre au pire Pourvu Xa Dure/Kick Your Asso/Has Been Mental/Kartier Libre Production/Rusty Knife Records/Trauma Social
Les Goul It's too slow Sessions 2020 et 21 Auto-Prod
Vice Squad Motorhead Road Crew EP Last Rockers Records
Karim Berrouka Faction Zombie Fuck Off Le Club des Punks contre l'Apocalypse Zombie  
Banane Metalik Rock Out No Surrender Killer Bananas/Devil Rats Records
Garage Lopez Bleu Blanc Fuck Tant Pis Pour Eux ! Guerilla Asso

2021 déc. 19

Spécial photographie avec : Méli, Frédéric et Raphaël Rinaldi

Le lien vers le livre de Raphael Rinaldi : https://editionslibertalia.com/catalogue/coeditions/poussieres-d-or

Le site de Méli : http://meliphotographie.com/

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2021 déc. 12

Allez les Filles !

Salut les zikettes! Allez les filles    
Bombardement Abyssal grave EP Destructure Records/Kick Rock/Symphony Of Destruction
Catisfaction Cat eat dog Kill 'em All Destructure Records
Gutter Endless dream Simulation EP Destructure Records
Heimat Wieder ja Heimat Teenage Menopause Records
Litige BFF En Eaux Troubles Destructure Records
Mary Bell Dog on a leash Bellatrix Boadicea Destructure Records
Nueva Generacion Contando Nueva Generación / Better Off Dead Destructure Records
Ostavka Macho Bastard Ostavka Destructure Records
Pays P 3h et des personnes Ça V Aller Peculiar Works Records
Radikal Kitten Shitty questions Silence is Violence Gudurlu records/onk-onk/la loutre
Better Off Dead Du sang sur les mains Nueva Generación / Better Off Dead Destructure Records
Bitpart The end Eat Your Mess Destructure Records
Kalte Lust Passage Obligé Passage Obligé Destructure Records
Stalled minds (feat. Claire, Julie & Beya) Build our world Shades Destructure Records
Bad bad Bird Ni peine ni peur Ni peine ni peur Autoprod
Neuf volts Super Skate Neuf Volts Can i Say? Records
Belmont Witch Putes Belmont Witch Montagne Sacrée
Going Away Party Ghost Train A Ride With Our Ghosts Destructure records/Sabotage/les chœurs de l'ennui
My dog's a bear Hatchi ji happun desu   Autoprod
Oh no! It's diva! Tête de bloc   Autoprod
Trashley A season in hell Joyful Angst Gudurlu records/Emergence records/Mass prod
La fraction Les silences Les silences Autoprod
Edith Nylon Edith Nylon Edith Nylon Sony Music
Lila Ehja Hit the city Autoprod
Marie Klock Sexe de brume Marie Klock Autoprod
Légumes Sex Liste/kyste Démogette n°2 Autoprod
Rive Droite Country Club Insomnie EP Autoprod
Ellah A Thaun Ghost Ghost Hyperdelic Transmanifesto
Avale Dead End Incisives Specific records
Limbé Give me back my Black Dolls She was fearless Autoprod
Mini golf Lescalator   Autoprod
Tu brüles mon esprit La mort nous frôle Master Série Volume 2 Donnez-moi du feu records/Mon cul c'est du tofu

2021 nov. 21

The Choices

3 Gnomes Panta Hünt Häss 3 Gnomes Auto prod
The Choices Beautiful Day Beautiful days Randale Records
The Choices Better Than Me Beautiful days Randale Records
Gang Of Four I Found that essence rare Entertainment Emi Records
The Boys Lies Alternative Chartbusters Captain Oi
The Choices Strangers Beautiful days Randale Records
Birds of Prey Keep on Dancing Birds Of Prey Randale Records
The Hives Midnight Shifter Lex Hives Sony Music
Stiff Little Fingers Bloody Sunday Gotta Gettaway Rough Trade
The Adverts Television's over Anthology The Devils Own Jukebox
The Cortinas Television Families Fascist Dictator Step-Forward Records
The Choices Not A Child Live direct studio  
The Choices Morning After Live direct studio  
The Choices Get Away Live direct studio  
Eddie And The Head-Starts Start rock    
The Choices Grow Young Beautiful days Randale Records
The Beat Twist & Crawl I just can't stop it Go-feet records
Ekymose Oi ! Division Mauvaise étoile Auto prod
René Binamé Allez Les Gars Les révoltés du bac à sable PIAS
Brainless Network The Brawl Cranberry's feel is forever Auto prod

2021 nov. 14

Sans invité

Pas d'invité, pas de lien.

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2021 nov. 7

Jessica 93

La page de Jessica 93 : https://jessica93.bandcamp.com/

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2021 oct. 31

Les Soucoupes Violentes

La page des soucoupes violentes : https://lessoucoupesviolentes.bandcamp.com/

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2021 oct. 24

Louis Lingg & the Bombs

La page de Louis Lingg & the Bombs : https://louislinggandthebombs.bandcamp.com/

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2021 oct. 17

Allez les filles! Limbé

Limbé Give me back my Black Dolls She was fearless Autoprod
Angel Olsen White Fire Burn Your Fire For No Witness Jagjaguwar
Amyl and The Sniffers Security Comfort To Me Rough Trade
Amyl and The Sniffers Hertz Comfort To Me Rough Trade
Cherry Vanilla The Punk The Punk RCA Victor
Linda Lindas Claudia Kishi Claudia Kishi Autoprod
Delta 5 Try Singles & Sessions 1979 - 81 Kill Rock Stars
Blonde Redhead Distilled In An Expression Of The Inexpressible Touch And Go
Cold Meat Maternity Stomp Pork Sword Fever Helta Skelta Records
Feist I'm not running away Pleasure Polydor
Floating Features La Luz La Luz Hardly Art
Girl in red Summer Depression Beginnings Autoprod
The Knife Rock Classics Deep Cuts Rabid Records

2021 oct. 10

Basic Shapes

la page Bandcamp de Basic Shapes : https://basicshapespunk.bandcamp.com/

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2021 oct. 3


Zabriskie Point Golden Eighties Tout est bien Dialektik Records
Brandt Three Cool Cats Fabulous 7 La Ferme de la Justice
Buzzcocks Nostalgia Love Bites/Another Music In A Different Kitchen Emi
Le Singe Blanc Gouzier   La Ferme de la Justice
Brandt Fabulous Fabulous 7 La Ferme de la Justice
Brandt The backdoor Fabulous 7 La Ferme de la Justice
The Cure Accuracy Three Imaginary Boys Fiction Records
Keruda Panter Mr le président   La Ferme de la Justice
Only Yo Anything but lies   Autoproduction
Brandt Minutes Mermaid   La Ferme de la Justice
Faith No More Digging the Grave King For A Day Fool For A Lifetime Slash
Fantomas The Godfather The Director's Cut Ipecac Recordings
Tomahawk God Hates a Coward Tomahawk Ipecac Recordings
The Qemists feat. Mike Patton Lost Weekend Join The Q Ninja Tune
Brandt Does it Hurts When i Touch ? Fabulous 7 La Ferme de la Justice
Make-Overs     La Ferme de la Justice
Les Soucoupes Violentes Blue Collar 16 Potions d'Amour Twenty Something
Parlor Fighting The Blue Comments Source Atone Records
Basic Shapes MYOB Clockwork Organ Polaks Records

2021 sept. 26

Musique, pas d'invité.

Pas d'invité, pas de site internet...

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2021 sept. 19

Lipstick Vibrators

The Runaways Cherry Bomb The Runaways Cherry Red Records
We Hate You Please Die Paula Can't Wait To Be Fine Ideal Crash
La Jungle Feu l'homme Fall Off the Apex Black Basset Records/Rockerill Records
Danko Jones Flaunt it Sonic Unyon Sonic Unyon
Lipstick Vibrators She's Living In Fear Low Winter Blues Attitude Records
The Lords of Altamont $4.95 Lords Have Mercy Fargo Records
Guitar Wolf Gimme Some Lovin’ Love&Jett Third Man Records
The Mochines Petrified The Eagle Has Landed Landspeed records
Lipstick Vibrators Car Crash The Prick Attitude Records
Peter and the Test Tube Babies Cydrated Fuctifano Arising Empire
Lipstick Vibrators Jessica Low Winter Blues Attitude Records
The Courettes Hop The Twig Hop The Twig Damaged Goods
Ignite Anti-Complicity Anthem Anti-Complicity Anthem Century Media Records
The Baboon Show Oddball Oddball Tante Guerilla
Billy Idol Rita Hayworth The Roadside EP Dark Horse Records
Kick Plus Jamais Les Gens Qui Ne Sont Rien Auto prod
The Choices Blood, Sweat & Tears Beautiful Day Randale Records
Capricörn The Wörm Mass Prod Sampler 2021 Mass Prod
Lipstick Vibrators To The Outsiders Low Winter Blues Attitude Records
The Dwarves I Wanna Kill Your Boyfriend I Wanna Kill Your Boyfriend Sympathy For The Record Industry
Flying Over I Need A Head Rockin' Frenchies Little Pink Medicine
The Vibrators Destroy The BBC Punk Sessions Captain Oi
The Sinclairs Lipstick Rumble Sparkle Cleopatra Records
Buzzcocks Lipstick Product EMI
Lipstick Vibrators Car Crash The Prick Attitude Records
999 Emergency The Punk Singles 1977-1980 Captain Oi!

2021 sept. 12

Allez les filles! Erica du groupe "Special Friend"

Special Friend ennemi commun ennemi commun LP Hidden Bay Records / Howlin' Banana Records
Japanese Breakfast Diving Woman   Dead Oceans
The Bats Simpletons   Flying Nun Records
Yo La Tengo Nowhere near   Matador
Nuovo Testamento Michelle Michelle New Earth LP Avant Records
Alvilda Kylie Negatif EP Alien Snatch ! Records
Bad bad bird Voudras tu m'adorer   Autoprod
Special Friend Flaring Jean ennemi commun LP Hidden Bay Records / Howlin' Banana Records
A trois sur la plage Pedal Fury A trois sur la plage LP Gone With the Weed
Broadcast Ominous Cloud Haha Sound Warp
Electrelane Gone under sea The Power Out Beggars Banquet records
Lola Cola Tough Love EP Lola Cola Autoprod
Pylon cool Gyrate DB
Deerhoof Milk man Milk Man LP Kill Rock Stars

2021 sept. 5

News et présentation du livre "25 ans de Mass Prod"

Le site internet de Mass Productions : https://www.massprod.com/accueil/accueil.htm

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2021 juil. 11

Allez les Filles ! ALF -W Leather

Permethrin Trajectories Trajectories Auto-prod
Cate Le Bon Daylight Matters Reward Mexican Summer
Irma Thomas Time is on my side Time Is On My Side Kent Records
Moon Duo Jukebox Babe Jukebox Babe / No Fun Sacred Bones Records
Nico One more chance Drama Of Exile Aura
Shortie No Mass U Like My Style Like This / U Like My Style Track Team Records
Portishead All mine Portishead Go! Beat
The Evens Around the corner The Evens Dischord
Alvida Négatif Négatif ALIEN SNATCH! RECORDS
Shannon and the clams Ozma Dreams In The Rat House Hardly Art
The Eyeliners Here Comes Trouble Boys Lie: A Bunch Of Punk Rock Girl Bands!! Lookout ! Records
Ma Copine      
Bratmobile Gimme brains Boys Lie: A Bunch Of Punk Rock Girl Bands!! Lookout ! Records
Kim Gordon Hungry Baby No Home Record Matador
Les Thugs Femme Fatale Frenetic Dancing! Gougnaf Mouvement

2021 juil. 4

The Rabblers

La page des Rabblers : https://therabblers.bandcamp.com/music

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2021 juin 27

Abus dangereux

Le site officiel de Abus dangereux : http://www.abusdangereux.net/

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2021 juin 20

Direct CICP : Lise Cabaret / David Stymate et Stag / Hervé Legeai , soutien à la librairie Publico

Le site de la librairie publico : https://www.librairie-publico.com/

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2021 juin 13


Swell Maps Blenheim Shots …. in « Jane from Occupied Europe » Mute records
Guttercats Keep The Flame Eternal Life Auto prod
Guttercats If I had a loaded Gun Eternal Life Auto prod
Nick Cave And the Bad Seeds I let love in Let Love In Mute records
Love Alone again or Forever Changes Elektra
Nick Drake Day is done Five Leaves Left Island Records
Guttercats Know your roots Eternal Life Auto prod
Frankistadors New eve New Eve Auto prod
Happy on the Road Midnight train A Fond Dans Le Brouillard Auto prod
Slovenians New bee in town Sinners EP POGO Records
Peter Perrett Once is enough Humanworld Domino
Guttercats Dark room Eternal Life Auto prod
Modern Lovers I'm straight The Modern Lovers Beserkley
La Replik Petit Agité La folie des Glandeurs Crash Disques
Guttercats Farewell Eternal Life Auto prod
Ian Rubbish And The Bizzaros Living In The Gutter The Best Of Ian Rubbish EP NBC Universal

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