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2021 nov. 21

The Choices

3 Gnomes Panta Hünt Häss 3 Gnomes Auto prod
The Choices Beautiful Day Beautiful days Randale Records
The Choices Better Than Me Beautiful days Randale Records
Gang Of Four I Found that essence rare Entertainment Emi Records
The Boys Lies Alternative Chartbusters Captain Oi
The Choices Strangers Beautiful days Randale Records
Birds of Prey Keep on Dancing Birds Of Prey Randale Records
The Hives Midnight Shifter Lex Hives Sony Music
Stiff Little Fingers Bloody Sunday Gotta Gettaway Rough Trade
The Adverts Television's over Anthology The Devils Own Jukebox
The Cortinas Television Families Fascist Dictator Step-Forward Records
The Choices Not A Child Live direct studio  
The Choices Morning After Live direct studio  
The Choices Get Away Live direct studio  
Eddie And The Head-Starts Start rock    
The Choices Grow Young Beautiful days Randale Records
The Beat Twist & Crawl I just can't stop it Go-feet records
Ekymose Oi ! Division Mauvaise étoile Auto prod
René Binamé Allez Les Gars Les révoltés du bac à sable PIAS
Brainless Network The Brawl Cranberry's feel is forever Auto prod

2020 sept. 27

The Choices

Peter and the Test Tube Babies

Banned From the pubs

Banned From the pubs

No Future Records

The Choices

Owner of my Heart

Owner Of my Heart

Randale records

The Courettes

Boom ! Dynamite

The Courettes

Groovie records


Chasing the night

Too tough to die


The Choices


Owner Of my Heart

Randale records

Birds Of Prey

Heroes of the Night

Birds of prey

Randale records


Number 10

Racey Roller

Fung records


Beng Beng Cocktail


Pumpkin Records / Riot Ska Records / Beer Records / Skagency Records

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Weapon of Choice

Baby 81

Island Records / Drop the Gun Recordings


T'as Pas Le Choix

C'est Toujours Ca De Gagné

Mix Records

The Choices

Let it go

Live Direct Studio


The Choices

Love is overrated

Live Direct Studio


The Choices


Live Direct Studio


The Choices

Beautiful day

Live Direct Studio


King phantom

I remember

True sign of madness

Mass Prod

Komintern Sect

Les Autres

Pourquoi tant d'amour

Combat rock

Baron X & the von bastards

Broken bones

The continuing story of the von bastards

Idees noires records

The Choices

Nervous breakdown




Lost in the city

From downtown


Vanilla Muffins

Ladies Choice

Ultra Fine Day

Walzwerk Records

The choices

The Way

Owner Of my Heart

Randale records

Johnny Thunders

Critics Choice (Radio Session 1991)

Diary Of A Gypsy Lover

Sonic Records