2022 déc. 18

Kick ex strychnine

Pour se procurer le bouquin en circuit court :


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2022 déc. 11

Direct CICP : Matori, Barren?, soirée hommage à Papi

Le site de Barren ? : https://barren-punk.com/


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2022 déc. 4

Panik LTDC

La page wikipedia de Panik :


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2022 nov. 20

Direct CICP : La Truc, M.S.T, Lipstick Vibrators . Soirée solidaire avec « les résistance libertaires au Mexique » + hommage à Ricardo Florès Magon

Vanilla Muffins Mexican Radio The Drug Is Football Knock Out Records
La Truc Bain de minuit   Auto-prod
La Truc Dans une autre vie   Auto-prod
Lipstick Vibrators Jessica Low Winter Blues Smap Records
Lipstick Vibrators To The Outsiders Low Winter Blues Smap Records
Lipstick Vibrators I'm Coming Back To You Low Winter Blues Smap Records
M.S.T. La France   Auto-prod
MST Fight For Your Right MST Pyranha Studio
Blood Red Shoes Mexican Dress Get Tragic Jazz Life
The Vandals Mexican Blackbird (BBC) B.B.C. Sessions And Other Polished Turds Kung Fu Records
Panik LTDC L.T.D.C Aujourd'hui plus qu'hier … Combat Rock

2022 nov. 13

Brigada Flores Magon

La page de Brigada Flores Magon :



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2022 nov. 6

We Hungry

The Special AKA Racist Friend In The Studio Two-Tone Records
We Hungry All in greys All in Greys Auto-prod
We Hungry Bam Bam All in Greys Auto-prod
Dog Eat Dog Who's the king All Boro Kings Roadrunner Records
Korn Ass Itch Life Is Peachy Epic
We Hungry Really happy ? All in Greys Auto-prod
7 seconds All Came Undone Take It Back, Take It On, Take It Over SideOneDummy Records
Career Suicide Quarantined SARS EP Deranged Records
We Hungry The beauty All in Greys Auto-prod
Dirty Pricks destroy Hypodermik pink Rock Auto-prod
O.T.H Quelle Sacrée Revanche Sur Des Charbons Ardents Art Traffic
G.L.O.S.S. Give Violence A Chance Trans Day Of Revenge SABOTAGE
downset. Empower Do We Speak A Dead Language? Mercury
Hollyblood Blvd She wants her revenge This is hell in paradise Auto-prod
Iggy and the Stooges I'm hungry Rare Power Columbia
Tagada jones I'm hungry Dissident At(h)ome
We Hungry The Gladiators All in Greys Auto-prod

2022 oct. 30

Les Prouters

Peligro Hellnation Peligro Alternative Tentacles records
Les Prouters En Marche Affranchis French Noise/Konstroy/Trauma Social
Les Prouters Elle est partie Affranchis French Noise/Konstroy/Trauma Social
M.C.D Vomitare Empezamos un 23-F Dtt Banaketak Records
A Old Folks A Tycoon Recordings
Strychnine Animal Amour Dehors 1976-1981 Bordeaux Rock
The Sonics Keep a knockin' House Party Norton Records
Les Prouters L'égoaste Affranchis French Noise/Konstroy/Trauma Social
Misfits Great balls of fire Project 1950 Misfits Records
Ramones Somebody to love Acid Eaters Chrysalis
Betty Jane My neighbour in panties La voisine en culotte Auto-prod
Les Prouters 14/07/22 Affranchis French Noise/Konstroy/Trauma Social
R.F.C. California Un Taxi Pour Kch'te Broute Auto-prod
R.F.C. Parasite Un Taxi Pour Kch'te Broute Auto-prod
Eskorbuto Maldito pais Maldito Pais Munster records
Inner Terrestrials Smoke Tales of Terror Maloka/Mass Productions/Crash Didsques
Poison Girls State control Chappaquiddick Bridge Crass Records
The Mob Witch Hunt Witch Hunt All The Madmen Records
Les Prouters Arbeit Uber Alles Affranchis French Noise/Konstroy/Trauma Social

2022 oct. 16

Trotski Nautique David Snug

Le site de David Snug :


Le site de Trotski Nautique :


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2022 oct. 9

Fanzinat : G.Gwardeath, Twenty Something : F. Freijnik

Le site du documentaire "Fanzinat" : https://fanzinat.fr/le-film/

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2022 oct. 2

Pas d'invité

pas d'invité, pas de site internet!

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2022 sept. 25


Chumbawamba I'm With Stupid WYSIWYG EMI
Stup!d Notre révolte Stup!d Auto-Prod
NOFX 72 Hookers Self/Entitled Fat Wreck Chords
Ramones Censorshit Mondo Bizarro Chrysalis
Stup!d Hypocratie assumée Approximatif Auto-Prod
Stup!d Approximatif Approximatif Auto-Prod
We Hungry All in grey All In grey Auto-Prod
Guerilla Poubelle Carcassonne Amor Fati Guerilla Asso
The Apers Sweatpants Party The Apers/Sons of Buddha Guerilla Asso/Dirty Witch
Black Sabbath Paranoid Iron Man The best Of Black Sabbath Sanctuary Records
Stup!d Latéral Approximatif Auto-Prod
Lonely bunker Static 7 Songs - Volume 2  
Nora Hospitalet Weimarvals Svetiges javla hjarta  
Otoboke Beaver Chu Chu Song Chu Chu Song Damnably
The Ex Stupid Americans Singles. Period. (The Vinyl Years 1980-1990) Vicious Circle
Foutre Stupid Animal Je suis Crade Rock / 1979 - 1985 Euthanasie
Out of School Activities Stupid Song For Gonzo All Good Cretins Go To Heaven ! Skalopards Prod'z/24 Hours With Your Sister Production
Stup!d Like a leach Stup!d Auto-Prod
Le Réparateur Heureux et gros Heureux et Gros La Clak
Teenage Bottlerocket Skate or die They Came From The Shadows Fat Wreck Chords
Brigada Flores Magon Honte à toi Immortels Machete Productions

2022 sept. 18

Pas d'invités : peu de blabla, beaucoup de musique

Pas d'invité, pas de site internet.

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2022 sept. 11

Oscar Nip

Le site d'Oscar Nip : http://oscarnip.com

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2022 sept. 4

Nasty Samy + Underground Disease

999 Nasty Nasty The Punk Singles 1977 - 1980 Captain Oi!
Nasty S and the Ghost Chasers Sex Beat Waiting for the Last Gasp of my Generation Twenty Something
Nasty S and the Ghost Chasers Work For Food Waiting for the Last Gasp of my Generation Twenty Something
Permanent Rust Killing Time Maximum Downhill Green And Grey Records
The Fall There's A Ghost In My House The Frenz Experiment Beggars Banquet
Suzi Moon Gold Record Autograph Animal Pirates Press Records
The selecter James Bond Too Much Pressure Captain Mod
Nasty S and the Ghost Chasers Shine On Waiting for the Last Gasp of my Generation Twenty Something
Prison Life Blast of silence No help no hope no exit  
Nasty S and the Ghost Chasers Transmission Waiting for the Last Gasp of my Generation Twenty Something
Stalled Mind Not Alone Shades Destructure Records
Rose Rage Rock Creep Rock Creep / Madhouse Double Single Auto-prod
Lupus Muchachos Con Problemas La Mentira Auto-prod
Utopie Dents de Scie Seconde Figure Auto-prod
Kurs Valut Kurs Valut Kurs Valut No Emb Blanc

2022 juil. 10


La page de curare :


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2022 juil. 3

Lord Prosser / Rocking Street Montreuil

X-Ray Spex Plastic Bag Germfree Adolescents Art.I.Ficial Products/Virgin
Lord Prosser Eldorado    
GEN X Untouchables Kiss me Deadly Chrysalis
Lord Prosser Cartel    
Brian Brian Working in a farmyard in a white suit Culture Secret records
Lord Prosser People who don't care    
Toxic Waste La vierge noire Animal Bestial Dirty Punk/General Strike/Trauma Social/Kepon Team/Padington Prod
Outrage Petit chef Pavillon noir  
Oscar Nip Social reveur Electrochoc et fantaisies electriques Hyenas Records
Lord Prosser Bad Girl live au studio  
Lord Prosser Topper live au studio  
Lord Prosser Mexican White    
The only ones Another girl another planet Special View Epic records
Lord Prosser Surprise    
Eddy and the Hot Rods Telephone Girl Life On The Line Island Records
Curare Heartkeeper Curare autoprod

2022 juin 26

Allez les filles ! Sarah musique MAO

Las Odio Vitaminas Futuras Esposas Auto-prod
Raoul Journo Ya Samra Chant Tunisiens Dounia
The passions Man of the Tube Michale & Miranda Polydor
Asterotypie Aucun Mec Ne Ressemble A Brad Pitt Dans La Drôme Aucun Mec Ne Ressemble A Brad Pitt Dans La Drôme Air Rytmo
Tapbir Sma    
Msika Habibi Lawel    
Mary Bell Sacrificed Bellatrix Boadicea Destructure Records
Bitpart   Eat Your Mess Destructure Records
Sharouh Yahalomah    
Gorilla Angreb Astma Gorilla Angreb Feral Ward
Judy And the Jerk Control    
Deep Tan beginners' krav maga diamond horsetail Auto-prod
Rio Arga      
Bendaly Family Do you love me    
Kate Fagan I don't wanna be to cool Waiting For The Crisis / I Don't Wanna Be Too Cool Disturbing Records

2022 juin 19

Direct CICP : The Red Riding, Oscar Nip, Julie Colère. Soutien Coordination Anti-répression

La page de The  Red Riding : https://theredriding.bandcamp.com/music

Le site internet de Jluie Colère : http://juliecolere.com/index.html

Le site Oscar Nip : http://oscarnip.com/


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2022 juin 12

Paddock and breakfast

La Page de Paddock & Breakfast :


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2022 juin 5

Pas d'invité en studio, mais une interview des "Happy on the road" enregistrée

Le site internet des Happy on the road :


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