2022 oct. 2

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The Clash Red Angel Dragnet Red Angel Dragnet Sony Music Entertainment
Vintage Crop Under Offer Kibitzer Upset! The Rhythm
Life Almost Home North East Coastal Town Afghan Moon
Deep Tan Beginner's Krav Maga Diamond Horsetail Practise Music
Whole Wheat Bread Catch 22 Minority Rules Fighting Records
The Invincibles I-10 The Invincibles Auto-Prod
Whole Wheat Bread Pimpin Pimpin'  
Buzzcocks Senses Out Of Control Senses Out Of Control Cherry Red
Bad Mojos Alien Suicide Songs That Make You Wanna Die! Voodoo Rhythm
Red London See The World Cut From A Different Cloth Mad Butcher Records
Gogol Bordello Take Only What You Can Carry Solidaritine Cooking Vinyl
Hard Ons The Laws OF Gossip I'm Sorry Sir, That Riff's Been Taken Cheersquad Records & Tapes
Burning flag Still a lie Burning Flag EP Auto-Prod
Cosmic Psychos Last Round Off Ya Cruet! Timberyard Records
Short Days Antisocial Short Days Destructure Records/No Glory Records/Abfall Records
Zero Gain Fast News Modern Blues. The First Five years Nineteen Something
Harsh Reality No I.D., No Beer Face The Harsh Reality Centredivider Recordings
Gang Green Alcohol Another Wasted Night Taang! Records
TMA Expired Just Desserts EP Left For Dead Records
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones Lights Out Ska-Core, The Devil And More Mercury Records
Western machine I Won't Back Down Short Cuts Bullitt Records
Rosetta Stone Synchronicity II Unerotica Cleopatra
Les Thugs Groucho's Theme Still Hungry Still Angry Nineteen Something
Infraktion Témoin Numéro 1 Sous Les Pavés... La Rage Crash Disques
Guillotine Numéro 7 Tout Doit Disparaïtre Auto-Prod
Les Hyper Gaëlle Lunettes Avec Hyper Speed Auto-Prod
Plastic Age In The Name Of Split Brain Auto-Prod
Bad Brains It's a Bad Brains Christmas Charlie Brown    
Duncan's Divas Koi No Vacance Sticks Up Girls Inya Face Records
Soap Girls Charlie Brown Elephant In The Room Auto-Prod
Voodoo Glow Skulls Charlie Brown Firme Epitaph
The Mad Nothings Une Vie Pour Rien The Mad Nothings OI The Nische Records