2022 fév. 13

Goul - Barrocks

Les Slugs A dégueuler BanqueRoute Aredje
Goul Let me Know    
Fishbone Deep Shit Backstroke Crazy Glue Dc-Jam Records
The Skints This Town Featuring – Horseman (2), Tippa Irie FM Easy Star Records
Goul It's too slow    
Goul Mess (around)    
Parabellum Bang Bang Si Vis Pacem Enragé Production
Goul Pretty little lies    
Dogs Shaking with Linda Too Much Class For The Neighbourhood Epic records
Wampas Héros Live 87 Glubo  
Goul Whatchagonnado    
The Transplants Romper Stomper Transplants Hellcats records
Les Punaises Quand je pense à toi A la demande générale Best of volume 1 Les Disques Clou
The Fab Mods My Dark Side The Girl Next Door Closer records
Wunderbach S.D.F. Increvables… Dirty Punk Records
Warum Joe Tchang Live Glubo 87  
Goul The Worrying    

2022 fév. 6

Allez les filles! Total Léopard

The Slits Instant hit Cut Island Records
Edith Nylon Ma Jolie famille Edith Nylon CBS
Siouxsie Turn to stone Peepshow Wonderland
Special Interest Disco II Spiraling Raw Sugar Records
Paulo Transpire Corinne J'arracherais bien autoprod
Tôle Froide Les Michel.e.s K7 AB Records
Prince Rama Lightening fossil Shadow Temple Paw Tracks
Amanda Lear La bagarre I Am A Photograph Polydor
Crimson Muddle L'innommable Nocturne Manic Depression
Bikini Kill Reject All American Reject All American Kill Rock Stars
Ho99o9 Knuckle up United States Of Horro Toys Have Powers
Déborah Dégouts Dieppe sous la pluie Déborah Dégouts autoprod
Radical Kitten I can't deal Silence Is Violence Attila Tralala/Araki/Domination Queer Records/Gurdulu/La Loutre Par Les Cornes/Et Mon Cul C'est Du Tofu?/Retratando Voces/Stonehenge Records/Uppercat Records
Bush Tetrax Things That Go Boom In The Night Things That Go Boom In The Night Fetish Records

2022 janv. 30


Gueriilla Poubelle Sunday Bloody Sunday Whiskey Dancing Slow Death
Vex Les lumières de la ville Les lumières Zuluberlus
Jamaica All Stars Revolution Rock Right Tracks M10
The Beat Mirror in the Bathroom I Just Can't Stop It Go-Feet Records
Vex J'fais pas ça Les lumières Zuluberlus
Vex Paris Appelle Les lumières Zuluberlus
Skully Simms Shake Sinora Right Tracks M10
The Clash White Man in Hammersmith palais The Clash Epic
Toxic Waste Animal Bestial Animal Bestial Trauma Social/Kulture Punk/Kanal Hystérik/Dirty Punk/Keponteam/Général Strike/Mass Prod/Padington Prod
Zone Infinie Un autre vieux jour Atomisés Auto prod
Komptoir Chaos Crevard Troisième vague Kanak Hysterik/Ronce Rds
Vex C'est ça l'amour Les lumières Zuluberlus
Starshooter 35 Tonnes Starshooter Pathé
The Muffs Oh Nina Live 2004  
The Muffs No action Hamburger Sympathy For The Record Industry
The Muffs Weird Boy Next Door Whoop Dee Doo Burger Records
Vex Les pauvres Les lumières Zuluberlus

2022 janv. 23

Jo Dahan

le site officiel de Jo Dahan : http://jodahan.fr

Lire la suite...

2022 janv. 16

Spéciale punk belge

La Marmite Barricades Aux maux et rictus Aredje
Blast Hope Hope/Damned Flame Death Vault Records
Chainsaw Kill in the blanks See Saw Romantik Records
The Kids Money is all i need The Kids Philips
Raxola Thalidomide child Everything Is Shit. Punk In Brussels 1977-79 Sub Rosa
Streets Leopard man Everything Is Shit. Punk In Brussels 1977-79 Sub Rosa
X-Pulsion Schmucks / Castration X-Pulsion / Streets ‎– Split Romantik Records
Contingent Violence Contingent Belgian Waffles Records
Phallus Band J'ai perdu mon phallus Everything Is Shit. Punk In Brussels 1977-79 Sub Rosa
Stagebeast Belgium Belgium Ain't Fun No More Belgian Waffles Records
Mad Virgins Fuck & suck I Am A Computer / F... & Suck Romantik Records
Impenitent Sinners My baby is leaving    
Hubble Bubble I Wanna Die (But Not Right Now) Hubble Bubble Warner Bros. Records
La Muerte Serial killer Raw PIAS records

2022 janv. 9

Musique et emmerdements

Geiger Je ne suis pas bien portant Je ne suis pas bien portant Barclay
Vain Aims Fuck You Bored Teenagers Vol.10: 24 Great British Punk Originals '77-'82 Bin Liner Records
Louis Lingg and the Bombs Fuck You Lullabies For Mutant Monkeys Auto-Prod
Varukers Fuck You Murder Asylum Records
DOA Fuck you Bloodied But Unbowed (The Damage To Date: 1978-83) CD Presents, Ltd.
Blitz Fuck You 1st Demo No Future Records
Babylon Fighters Fuck you Position Crash Bondage Records
Zone Infinie Les Accidents Atomisés General Strike/Echo Canyon
Les Sheriffs Requiem 5 etoiles Grand bombardement tardif kicking records
Defects In a Rut OLIO Casualty Records
Nightwatchers For the sake of the people and the nation Common Crusades Lövely
Ramonas Injustyce System Haphazard Auto-Prod
Dead Ritons Gangsters Les voyageurs punkifient l'Hexagone - 20 ans déjà ! Le Keupon voyageur
Koroll Spécule à tort Les voyageurs punkifient l'Hexagone - 20 ans déjà ! Le Keupon voyageur
U-SISTER Halloween Les voyageurs punkifient l'Hexagone - 20 ans déjà ! Le Keupon voyageur
Inner Terrestrials Servile Masses Heart of the Free MALOKA/Mass Productions/Blind Destruction Records/Fire And Flames Music/PDV
TV Priest Leg Room Uppers Sub Pop
Skids Complete Control Songs From a Haunted Ballroom Cleopatra
Burning flag Ghost Skin Matador Auto-Prod
Black Mountain bastards Couch zombies army Walnut Groove Trauma Social
Die Toten Hosen The Modern World The Learner's Workbook : Grammar & Drill Totenkopf
Bye Bye Theresa On t'emmerde Second Souffle Auto-Prod
Traître Je m'emmerde Dors Bien Lada
Dead Spike Jeunesse brisée S'attendre au pire Pourvu Xa Dure/Kick Your Asso/Has Been Mental/Kartier Libre Production/Rusty Knife Records/Trauma Social
Les Goul It's too slow Sessions 2020 et 21 Auto-Prod
Vice Squad Motorhead Road Crew EP Last Rockers Records
Karim Berrouka Faction Zombie Fuck Off Le Club des Punks contre l'Apocalypse Zombie  
Banane Metalik Rock Out No Surrender Killer Bananas/Devil Rats Records
Garage Lopez Bleu Blanc Fuck Tant Pis Pour Eux ! Guerilla Asso

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