2022 sept. 18

Pas d'invités : peu de blabla, beaucoup de musique

Pas d'invité, pas de site internet.

Jo Dahan Injoignable Injoignable Auto prod
Avale Mein Krieg Avale Neutral Records
Grim Streaker Big Boy MIND auto prod
The Bobby Lees Hollywood Junkyard Hollywood Junkyard Ipecac Recordings
Netkiff Quand nous n'aurons plus le choix   Auto-prod
The Catatonics What you see and what you say Hunted Down Anorexic Nympho Records
Panik LTDC Nous reviendrons Trop Tard Auto prod
Fat Earthers Policeman    
The Smiths The Queen Is Dead The Queen Is Dead Warner music
Pixies Ed is Dead Super Rosa 4AD
Fontaines D.C A Hero's Death A Hero's Death Partisan Records
Omega Tribe Shit New Peace Movement Grow Your Own Records
Mulng Powder House The Crybabies Will Have Their Way Upset Condition
Bad Breeding Speculation Human Capital One Little Independent Records
Plastic Age Pink Lady Split Brain Auto prod
The Chats 6L GTR Get Fucked Bargain Bin Records
Clamm Scheme Care Meat Machine
Bukowski Crossroads Bukowski At(h)ome
Cannibal Penguin Douceur féminine Ne sait pas Juste Une Trace
Pit Samprass Police & Thieves Naked Kicking Records
Mini Skirt Give it up Casino Auto prod
Stiff Richards State of Mind State of Mind Legless
Total Control Expensive Dog Typical System Inertia
Vibrators He's a Psycho He's A Psycho Cleopatra
Menace Monkey Monkey Sounds Of The Suburbs
Versari Reviens Reviens Auto prod
The Hex Dispensers Insomniack The Hex Dispensers Alien Snatch records
Schlitz Ibwabzen Schlitz Gestalt
Crime of Passing Tender Fixation Crime Of Passing Feel It Records