2022 mar. 6

Argent Ardent

Lords Of The New Church Russian Roulette The Lords Of The New Church IRS Records
Argent Ardent Punk Punk  
Argent Ardent Je suis le roi Séisme Mental Milano Records
Vomitory The Corpsegrinder Experience Revelation Nausea Metal Blade Records
Ramones Blitzkrieg Bop All the stuff (And more)-Vol 1 Sire
Insanity Alert Macaroni maniac Insanity Alert Empire Records
Ramones Rockaway Beach All the stuff (And more)-Vol 2 Sire
Argent Ardent Ultraviolence Instinctif Milano Records
Paddock & Breakfast Forbidden Zone Forbidden Zone Barrettes Records
Léondi Clair Obscur Mea Culpa Inouïe Distribution
Dead Boobs Marre (Tout le monde Deteste)   Auto-Prod
Argent Ardent Plus ils crient Instinctif Milano Records
Les Sheriffs Génération Atomique Allegro turbo A Donf'
Burning Heads Endless Loop (In My Head) Torches of Freedom Opposite Prod/Kicking Records
Ostavka Not Your Doll Discography Deviance/General Strike/Subversive Ways/Emergence/Aback Distribution/Stradoom/Atman-Music
Cachemire Déconnecte Dernier Essai L2GS Production
La Consigne Dimanche Tout Continuera Kick Your Asso/Kanal Hysterik/Zone Onze Records/Has Been Mental