2022 avr. 10

Direct CICP : Sagittarius A, Foune Curry, René Binamé

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Red Lights Kisses for my president Red Lights In The Red Records
Sagittarius A Je nique ta France Ergosphère Auto-prod
Sagittarius A Coïncidence ? (Scummy schemer) Ergosphère Auto-prod
999 Titanic (My Over) Reaction 999 And Separates EMI
Foune Curry Allah Démo - Cheval de Troie Auto-prod
Foune Curry Cheval de Troie Démo - Cheval de Troie Auto-prod
Burning Heads All Set To Glow Torches Of Freedom Kicking Records
René Binamé Merci Patron    
René Binamé Open the Borders Vocations/Open The Borders Archives de la Zone Mondiale
The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster Presidential Wave Hörse Of The Dög No Death Records
Morkitu The End Les voyageurs punkifient l'hexagone Le Keupon Voyageur