2022 mai 29


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Richie Ramone Enjoy the Silence Cellophane DC-Jam Records
Temporary Digital Greed EP autoprod
Black Flag Nervous Breakdown Nervous Breakdown SST Records
Only Living Witness Prone Mortal Form Prone Mortal Form Century Media Records
Gorilla Biscuits High Hopes Gorilla Biscuits Revelation Records
Hangmans Chair Cut up kids This Is Not Supposed To Be Positive Music Fear Satan
Knockoutz Predator Knockoutz Chainsaw Records
Temporary Kiss it goodbye EP autoprod
Integrity Hymn for the Children of the Black Flame Howling, for the Nightmare Shall Consume Relapse Records
Bars The frequencies are fucked Introducing Equal vision
Kickback Nothing Forever War Hostile records
Hum Cloud city Inlet Earth Analog Records
Mascara Near Mascara autoprod
Paerish Journey Of The Prairie King Fixed It All SideOneDummy Records
USA Nails Temporay home Character Stop Hex Records
Syndromes Temporary feeling Recordings 1980-83 Only Fit For The Bin Records
Temporary Technoir EP autoprod
Temporary Under the Influence EP autoprod
Trapped Under Ice TUI Secrets Of The World Reaper Records
Victims Victims In Blood Part 6 A Dissident Tankcrimes