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2023 sept. 10

Sans invité



Groupe Titre Album Label(s)
Richie Ramone Suffocate Live To Tell Outro Records
The Outcasts Rebel rock radio Stay Young EP Violated Records
The Hives Smoke & Mirrors The Death of Randy Fitzsimmons Disques Hives
Mini Skirt Tissue Casino auto-prod
Oi Boys La liste Oi Boys Les Disques De La Face Cachée/Kanal Hysterik/General Strike/Trauma Social
A Place To Bury Strangers Dragged in a hole See Through You DedStrange
La Muerte Kiss my fist Sortilegia Consouling Sounds
The Skids Destination Düsseldorf Destination Düsseldorf Last Night From Glasgow
Blood Or Whiskey Kelly of Killan Poxy Pub EP Reprieve Records
Jeff Dahl Off your chest The Julie Sessions Julie Records
Neurotic Swingers Girl in a broken car Artrats Demolition Derby/Myrmecoleo Records/Lollipop Records
Shoulders Trashman shoes Trashman Shoes Musidisc
Glaas Haymarket riot waltz Cruel Heart, Cold Summer Static Shock Records
JFA Dinner with Mickey Last Ride DC-Jam Records
Glittering Insects Nuclear river: Synthesized fluid Glittering Insects Mind Meld Records
Dion Lunadon 1976 Com/Broke Infinity Cat Recording
Peace de resistance Heard your voice Bits And Pieces La Vida Es Un Mus
Dion Lunadon Fire Dion Lunadon Agitated Records
The Ramonas Imposter Haphazard ProRawk Records
Nag Crisis of faith Human Coward Coyote Convulse Records
Omega tribe Sit tight Hope Is A Moral Imperative Grow Your Own Records
Slaves Suicide Sugar Coated Bitter Truth Boss Tuneage
Camera Silens Suicide Réalité Euthanasie
Out Of School Activities Suicide me All Good Cretins Go To Heaven ! Skalopards Prod'z/24 Hours With Your Sister Production
The Dubrovniks Black vinyl suicide Audio Sonic Love Affair Normal

2016 sept. 25

We need Tutorials + Don't surrender

Don't surrender :

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