2016 sept. 25

We need Tutorials + Don't surrender

Don't surrender : http://www.dontsurrender.fr/


Groupe Titre Album Label
Les Wampas Chirac en prison Rock'n'roll part 9 Atmosphérique
Atterkop Safer Spaces Liber Abaci Ronce Records
The Angry Cats Put your hand in mine Outmonster the monster Nistang
We Need Tutorials Nice Town Welcome to Nicetown auto prod
We Need Tutorials Emergency Démo  
We Need Tutorials Pupett Démo  
Les Marie Salope O Marie Les Gout Des Bonnes Choses auto prod
Loolie & the Surfing Rogers Arabian Night Loolie & The surfing Rogers Bullit Rcds
We Need Tutorials Day by Day Welcome to Nicetown auto prod
We Need Tutorials Old Story Welcome to Nicetown auto prod
Misschief brew Roll Me Throught the gate of hell    
Turbospeed     Mass Productions
Don't Surrender One Two One Two    
Foin Inside   live  
Schagerbernd Schlagerbernd 2013 Mix Die 8 Sprachen der liebe Stereola
Nowhiterag Barricades    
TROUZ AN NOZ Polis peplec'h