2020 mai 3

Konfi Konstroy invité Guerilla Asso

Le site de Guerilla Asso : http://www.guerilla-asso.com/

Fastened Furious Antiviral   Autoproduction
New Primals A Beast With Two Backs Horse Girl Energy Learning Curve Records
Charge 69 Tous Debout En Rangs Serrés Combat Rock
Princess Thailand First Time And We Shine A Tant Rêver du Roi
LANE Voices Pictures of a Century Vicious Circle Records
Pyjamarama Flatland Simple Living A Tant Rêver du Roi
The K The Rougher Aspects Of Love Amputate Corporate Art Jaune Orange
Versari Des Images Sous La Peau T-Rec/Unnown Pleasures Records
Stupid Karate Is Kevin Bacon Vegan ? Snack Or Die Minga Records/Klvr Records/Sleepy Dog Records/Spit It Out/Bad Mood Asso/Dead Punx
BULL BRIGADE Stronger than time    
CHARLY FIASCO Rallumer  l’incendie    
BOOZE AND GLORY For the better times    
CRIM Avui fa bon dia    
STREET DOGS Stand for something or die for nothing    
Henry Fiat's Open Sore Move And Walk The Parallel Universe Of Mis
Jet Boys You Are Lukewarm, More Blitzkrieg Bop Jet Patrol!! Pictus Records Japan
Amyl and The Sniffers Some Mutts Can't Be Muzzled Amyl and The Sniffers Rough Trade
Cosmic Psychos Custom Credit Live at the Tote 2012 Cosmic Psychos
MAUVAISE PIOCHE Lettre de démotivation Harmonies vocales dissonances cognitives
INTENABLE  Le portrait de Marcel  Envier les vivants Guérilla asso
LORELEI  Dans la rue le prochain al bum Guérilla asso
PINK FLAMINGOS  North Pole Les nuits injustes Guérilla asso
SHUT UP! TWIST AGAIN!  Meritocracy Slurring the Rhythms Guérilla asso
BOBBY RAMONE  Today One Love, Tomorrow The World Rocket To Kingston Guérilla asso
The Clash This Is Radio Clash Radio Clash CBS
Ramones Do You Remember Rock'n'Roll Radio ? End Of The Century Sire
The Selecter On My Radio On My Radio Two Tone Records
Mad Sin Radio Psycho Dead Moon's Calling "I Used tu Fuck People Like You in Prison" Records
The Dead 60's Riot Radio The Dead 60's Deltasonic Records
The Donnas Gimmie My Radio American Teenage Rock'n'roll Machine Lookout Records
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant Swimming Radio (demo) Grateful Triad Years Triad
Voodoo Glow Skulls Static On My Radio Break the Spell Smelvis Records
Magnapop Radio Waves Rubbing Doesn't Help Play It Again Sam Records