2020 avr. 26

Rediffusion du 20.11.2011 Spéciale Métal

Spermicide ramones the boys are back in town  
megadeth anarchy_in_the_uk     
as a lay dying anodyne sea    
manowar Fighting the World Hell of Steel: The Best of Manowar  
backyard babies friends Stockholm Syndrome  
destruction fuck_the_usa     
killzone legion of the damned    
watain malfeitor    
Metallica Master of Puppets Master of Puppets  
Napalm_death Nazi punks fuck off    
Arch Enemy Nemesis Doomsday Machine  
Pantera Pantera - Walk Vulgar Display Of Power  
Fear Factory Powershifter Mechanize  
Iron Maiden The Number of the Beast Somewhere Back in Time: Best of 80-89  
Korpiklaani Vodka Karkelo  
amon amarth war of the gods    
tagada Jones yee'hed mad descente aux enfers enragé prod
aggressive agricultor longue  vie au betail pig's not dead mass prod
departement of correction josephine roadster l'ecole du goût pogo records
rene biname princess of the dawn the leipzig band battle seesion aredje