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2018 oct. 21

Stylnox et Whodunit

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2014 sept. 28

Whodunit + Lili Pnuk fanzine


Parabellum noir sur bleu Si vis pacem Enrage prod
Whodunit Welcome Welcome to Closer rds
Short days Fake friends don't cry Give rest a chance
Xaxaxa Yobekot koro Tahro Pebo Monlee records
Abdullah sheraton Canabi doll Abdullah sheraton Auto prod
Whodunit Sorry Welcome to Closer rds
Red eye ball Polyeyes on you Eyes on you 2 Closer rds
The Curse White trash punk Suck it in spit it out Pitshark
The Boys 1976 Dynamite the world of R'n'R Kickstart
The Boys Kiss like a nun The Boys Capitain OI
Whodunit We don't care Welcome to Closer rds
Head on On the tracks Changing Shape High noon
Radiocity shakers Demon in bottle Rock'n' Roll Carrying out this act of glory Closer rds
Groovin Jailers Don't Touch

The Fab mods She Dances The Girl next door Closer
La Souris Déglinguée Jeunes voleurs As tu deja oublié? Clandestines prod
Holly holster il faut la sauver Orgasmic spaghetti punk rock Zone onze records
Cockney Rejects We are the firm OI OI OI The Harry may record
Whodunit So bad Welcome to Closer rds
Keith richards overdose Hippy Hippy Shake Keith richards overdose Scanner records

2006 nov. 26


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