2024 mai 5

Emission musicale avec Guillaume Circus

Pas d'invité.

Groupe Titre Album Label
Zabriskie Point Marx & Hegel Tout est bien Dialektik Records
Girls in Synthesis We Are here Sublimation Own It Music
We Hate You Please Die Adrenalin Adrenalin auto-prod
Louis Lingg & The Bombs They stole the rave CanYou Hear The Uproar ? Blocsonic.com
Gob Psychic Private beach How Can Anyone Be So Lucky ? Le Cêpe Records/Beasts Records
Samiam Lake speed Stowaway Pure Noise Records
Dillinger Four Mosh for Jesus Midwestern Songs Of The Americas Hopleless Records
Lone Wolf Ready to break Haze Wave Stardumb Records
Against me Reinventing Axl Rose Reinventing Axl Rose / Acoustic EP Sabot Productions
Dead boys Sonic Reducer Young Loud And Snotty Sire
Warum Joe Cob killer Au Milieu De Ta Forme Crash Disques
The Sweet The Ballroom Blitz The Ballroom Blitz RCA Victor
Wampas Ballroom blitz Tutti Frutti A,S,A,P,
Tri sestry Igelitku I Legitku Sex Drógy Rokenról auto-prod
Bjelleklang Ball På Blitz YppeRu' Donk? RCA
Petit Bureau The Ninkasi road Bear's Brain  Hidden Bay/Les Disques Roblo/Dushtu Records/
Epicericords/No Way Asso/Table Basse Records/Skank Bloc Records/Le Celtic Pub
USA Nails Feel worse Feel Worse One Little Independent Records
Marbled Eye All the pieces Read The Air Digital Regress
Weezer You gave your love to me softly Angus - Music From The Motion Picture Reprise Records
Les Lullies Mauvaise foi Mauvaise Foi Slovenly Recordings
Demain Du temps a perdre Demain #2 auto-prod
Burning Heads Survival instinct Embers Of Protest Kicking Records
Les Vilains Clowns Côtoyer la Mort et Tutoyer l'Enfer Côtoyer la Mort et Tutoyer l'Enfer auto-prod
Red Rowen & The MADCHESTER Wonder woman Red Rowen & The MADCHESTER El Tio/Studio Garage
Nag Hyena km Fear Urticaria Records