2024 mar. 31

Fuji Joe + Sick my duck

Les Prouters Mongols du rock'n'roll Au Nom D' La Bière, D' La Pisse Et Du Saint Dégueulis Trauma Social/Konstroy
Fuji-Joe Désert Soleil Brûlant auto-prod
John Fruscianté My smile is a rifle Niandra LaDes And Usually Just A T-Shirt American Recordings
Germs Communist eyes (GI) Slash
PJ Harvey Electric light Is This Desire? Island Records
Sqürl Berlin 87 Silver Haze Sacred Bones Records
This Heat Horizontal hold This Heat Rough Trade
Fuji-Joe Roxane enchantée Soleil Brûlant auto-prod
Rosa Yemen Nina con un tercer ojo Rosa Yemen Celluloid
Sonic Youth I dreamed i dream Screaming Fields Of Sonic Love Geffen Records
The Birthday Party The friend catcher The Birthday Party Missing Link
Red Rowen & the Madchester Underground Red Rowen & the Madchester El Tio/Studio Garage
Stop The Presses Make the best of it Got It Jump Up! Records
Jackie Mendez Red flag Red Flag Black Bird Records
Acid Gras Chien de la casse cd1 auto-prod