2020 mai 24

Emission sans invités, sélection musicale thématiques diverses.

Pas d'invité, pas de site internet.

the Queers Rip it up (Little Richard) Hopelessly Devoted to You vol.3 Hopeless Records
Little Bob Midnight to six Man  (Pretty Things) The Gift DixieFrog
Rubella Ballet 42°F 42°F Jungle Records
the Chats Temperature Pub Feed Burger Records
the Lords of the New Church Question of temperature the Lords of the New Church Illegal Records
Peter and the Test Tube Babies Love in the First Degree Piss Ups Randale Records
Siouxsie and the Banshees 92 Degrees Tinderbox Wonderland
Zabriskie Point Deuxième degré zéro Des Hommes Nouveaux Dialektik Records
Hard-Ons Cigarettes (Live at Dig It Up!) Cigarettes live at Enmore Theatre in Sydney
Hard-Ons Where Did She Come From Live at Dig It Up!  
Grindhouse  If You Say So Live At Goatsound  
Grindhouse Throbbing Eye Live At Goatsound Live At Goatsound  
Radio Birdman  we've come so far Live on Canal+ 2006  
Cosmic Psychos Dead in a Ditch HOORAY FUCK Live At The Tote  
Cosmic Psychos Cosmic Psychos Nice Day to Go to the Pub HOORAY FUCK: Live At The Tote
OTH Température Explorateur Art Trafic
Clandestins -40° Bleu Blanc Rock… Nous On L'aime Sans Culotte !!! Bollock's Production
Wire A question of degree Chairs Missing Harvest
AntiDote I don't Care    
Ramones I Don't Care    
Uk Subs I Don't Care  Ziezo    
The Peacocks I don't Care Touch & Go  
Fear I Don't care about you    
The Damned i don't care Evil Spirits  
Black Flag I Don't Care Everything Went Black SST Records
The Donnas  ~ I Don't Care (So There)    
The Dirty Shames  - I don't care    
Last Rites  :We Don't Care    
The Brains I Don't Care    
Johnny Moped Groovy Ruby Cycledelic Chiswick records
Tanz der Youth Delay I'm sorry I'm sorry Radar Records
Naz Nomad and the Nightmares Action woman    
the Members M1DL1FE CRiSiS InGrrLand AngloCentric Records
King Anti-pope My Baby Don't Care Weizenheimer / Kray Collision
the Lords of the New Church Eat your heart out The Lords of the New Church Illegal Records