2020 avr. 5

Rediffusion du 15.02.2015 spéciale punk UK 77

The Vibrators Wreck on you Classic punk collection  N° 4 auto prod 
The Cortinas Defiant pose The bristol punk explosion 1977_1983 Bristol Archives Records
The Nipple Erectors All the time in the worlds    
The Maniacs Chelsea 77    
The Boys I don't care The  boys Capitain OI
The Users Sick Of you Punk 45 Soul Jazz Records
Chron Gen Clouded eyes    
Slaughter the Dog Dame to blame Do it  dog style  
The Killjoys Joohnny Doesn't want go to Heaven Underground and post punk in the uk1977_1981 vol2 Soul Jazz Records
The Jetz Catch me The Anthology 1977_1979 Dicognity records
The Joyt  Decoyed    
Modern Pets Excessive    
Blitz Strange boy Bored teenagers vol 5 Bin Liner Records
The Rats First Mistake Bored teenagers vol 5 Bin Liner Records
Total Chaos Factory man Factory man EP  
The Carpettes How About Me And You The Carpettes EP  
The Adverts One Chord Wonders The adverts Anthology Devil Own Jukebox
The Now Into The 80'S Don't you know, it's last years youth! Wizzard in vinyle
The Rings  I wanna be  free    
Radiations Plastic Hitler    
Raped Normal The punk collectors series Anagram records
The Drones Bone idol Futher temptation Anagram records
The Gaggers Psychosomatic    
Satans Rats You make me sick    
Generation X You Géneration Perfect hits 1975_1981 Chrysalis