2014 nov. 2

Détruire l'ennui (émission invitée)

le blog de "détruire l'ennui" : http://detruirelennui.blogspot.fr/

Les cadavres Salopes de keufs Paris sous la pluie Bondage
Nauseabomb Skizopakito Slap punkabilly Auto prod
Labow Minor demo Auto prod
Ratlus sos ei olis armeijoita Sos ei olis armei Lp 1982 Wc Raijhtaa
Misery God squad

Mob47 Way must they die

Pandemia titre N°6 en grec

A.P.P.L.E If in heaven Plutocraty= exploitation
Cancer Sprgating Wasting our lives

Distress Progress regress Progress regress LP
1981 Nightmarg/reality

Paragraf119 Monopol Pa Vold

Framtid Prison

Tradegy The intolerable weight

Wretched La tva morte non aspetta

Doom Yes they still test on dogs

Fatum Time passes to the dark part 3 Time passes to the dark Drum bjes pober record
The Mob Rise up Rise up
Instect of survival Walls Call of the blue distance Kraft work/Colturchock
Hellbastard death camp

Autonomads The struggle continu No mads Land Auto prod
Forgotten prophecy Your chains

Anthrax Sleeping dog All for the cause Crow your own rcds