2012 déc. 2

Interview Kicking Records

Emission 02/12/2012 Itw Kicking Records

spermicide Booze & c drunk n roll 442 rue
parrabellum bang bang si vis pacem enrage records
the angry cats olivadado the angry cats nidstang
2 sisters my zombie girl com on&dance demo
the horny wackers and the epilectic reaction chicken zombie sauce the horny wackers dead beat records
hellsonics born that way long way down autoprod
plastic bomb beyong pink plastic bomb cd beilage
buster shuffle come in do nothing peoplelikeyourecords
brank shme bleu mes moustiques,mes araignees le dernier punk blue matisse prod
macadam bumper's la tete sur les murs believe in yourself LP prod
DOA We Occupy We Come In Peace Kicking Records
The Hop La ! Boum ! Le coup du lapin Kicking Records
Kevin K The Red Haired Girl Deutschland Kicking Records
Simon Chainsaw Born to die Eight Times Lucky Kicking Records
Hellbats Out of this Hell One Minute Suicide Kicking Records
MSL Jax Last Kiss Let's Get Lost Kicking Records
cooper Hero Right Now ! Kicking Records
berurier noir petite agité concerto pour détraqué archives de la zone mondial/coop breizh
berurier noir baston macadam massacre archives de la zone mondial/coop breizh
uncomon men from mars too drunk to truck easy cure ufo prod /effervessence record/delete your favorite records
the shell corporation quantative sleazing force majeure delete your favorite records
vex mal finir rester libre auto prod
clinic rodeo snake clinic rodeo auto prod