2011 déc. 4

Spéciale Garage punk


the diggest prick

mainline rockets

nicotine records

the decline

always run

broken hymns for beating hearts

zone onze records/canisay  records/ dirty guys rock /rural musik/carnage punk rock/artyzanal prod/


ex bx

amour dehors

bordeaux rock

electric prunes

i had too much to dream


elektra records

captain beafheart

grown so ugly

safe as milk

buddha records

the remains

don't look back


elektra records

the fleshtones

pretty pretty pretty


yep roc records

barrence whitfield and the savages

mama get the hammer

Plus 10 more for the pot

ace records

the gories

hey hey we're the gories

i know you fine but how you doin'

crypte records

The A-Bones

Bandstand rocket

I was a teenage mummy

Ace rds

The Urges

You're gonna find out

Psych ward

stompin ground rds

The Lords of Altamont

gettin high

midnight to 666


The devil dogs

gonna be my girl

saturday night fever

crypt rds

New Bomb Turks

Born Toulouse Lautrec

hight performance rock and roll

crypt rds

Guitar Wolf

fire eighteen

Space battle ship love

okami rds

Skip jensen

circling around

spirit of the ghost

red lounge rds

The Cymatics

Hang out



The Stilettos

no time to waste

Making history by repeating it

sound of subterrania


Ace of slut

mainline rockets

nicotine records

The gee strings

bumping alone

a bunch of bugs

attitude rds

Lipstick Vibrators

Shivers of lack

The prick

attitude rds

sonny vincent and his rat race choir

alwaysa catch

pure filth

overdose records

tokyo sex destruction

the bridge

black noise is the new sound

bcore disc

the hives


your new favorite band

burning heart