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2016 juin 26

Fatal Monstrum + May I ?


Quark Unidos      
May I ? Dogchild May I ? Demo
Fatal Monstrum Maman Up Lafm  
May I ? Brainworms May I ? Demo
Gary Numan Metal The pleasure Principle Bbl
Public Image Public Image Public Image Virgin rcd
Melt-Banana Sweeper Return of 13 Hedgehogs A-Zap records
Fatal Monstrum Caniche Up !! Lafm Like A Fatal Monstrum  
Black Sabbath Paranoid Paranoid Wb Records
Jerome Lefdup Nepla Relou I love you fuck off folklore de la zone mondiale
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Whatever Happened to My Rock'n'Roll(punk song) Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Virgin rcd
Boeuf / May I ? Fatal Monstrum Hoyo Negro live direct studio  
Boeuf / May I ? Fatal Monstrum Accoustique live direct studio  
MC5 Let Me Try Back in the Usa Rhino
Mindless Self indulgence Pussy all Night Tighter Upity cracker/The end rcords/Damn Artiste Management